One of the pleasures of shopping in Turin, comes from discovering historic stores that have remained little changed since they opened many years ago.

Since Turin was the capital of a kingdom from 1713, some of these shops were awarded as Suppliers of the Royal family. In Italy, the monarchy was abolished in 1946.

Unlike Milan, whose city center was heavily bombed during World War II, Turin’s core has survived with little alteration. That’s why shopping in Turin means wandering through countless beautiful streets rich in history. Many are lined with porticoes, which is handy if you have your hands full of bags, because you do not need to open the umbrella if it is raining!

If you are looking for historic stores in Turin, these are some of the most striking:


Shopping in Turin - Shopping à Turin historic stores in Turin - boutiques historiques à Turin- Musy - Marie José from Belgium - Marie José de BelgiqueLocated Via Po 1, it is the oldest jewelry store in Italy and one of the oldest in Europe, second only to Mellerio in Paris. On the refined wooden front you can still read the foundation year: 1707.
The crest of the Royal family topped by the crown indicates that they supplied the Royal House of Savoy. In fact, Musy also created the jewels donned by the last Queen of Italy (Marie José from Belgium – see picture) on her wedding day.


Regia means royal … this pharmacy was established in 1667 as you can read entering the small premises. Based at Via Maria Vittoria 3 (very close to Piazza San Carlo, the most beautiful square in Turin), it still boasts ancient furnishings and ceramic pharmacy vases.


Shopping in Turin - Shopping à Turin historic stores in Turin - boutiques historiques à Turin- Giordano chocolate - Giordano chocolatBefore catching the train at Porta Nuova station, one can stop at this tiny, gorgeous historic shop located Piazza Carlo Felice 69 since 1897. Delightful chocolate in all shapes, a feast for the eyes but also a delicious treat.
The chocolate is produced just outside Turin, in Leinì.


Shopping in Turin - shoes - shopping à Turin chaussures - ANILIIf you are looking for an elegant outfit and artisan princess-like shoes (comfortable despite high heels, believe me, I know from experience!)  you should visit a small store called ANILI. Regardless of the diminutive premises situated at Piazza Castello 33, you can find many gorgeous fashionable clothes and fancy shoes for ladies.

In the old days, in this historic shop they used to sell Lenci felt dolls, now sought after by collectors.


Fine cheeses and cured meats, along with other delicacies such as dried porcino mushrooms, jarred vegetables ideal for tasty starters, await you! Between the two shop windows there is an old sign reading LATTE (milk), BURRO (butter) e UOVA (and eggs).
You can find this traditional shop in the oldest neighborhood of Turin, Via San Tommaso 13. It is located just in front of the place where the famous coffee roaster Luigi Lavazza started his business in 1895 (today the premises harbor a fine restaurant).

These are only a few tips if you are interested in shopping in Turin. By the way, along the Via Po you will find a great number of wooden traditional shop facades, but in some cases you can buy different goods from what you read in the signs. In any case, the historic traces have been preserved, which makes the special charm of the city.

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