Here we have put together feedback and reviews from our clients.
They have often recommended us to their friends, which is the best “business card” we could hope for.

2nd – 5th September 2021 reviews 5 stars

Dear Sonia,
Our Hoembeka travelers are full of praise for the perfect organization of their wonderful journey through Piedmont, which you have set up for us. They will never forget the stately city of Turin and the charming towns of Alba and Barolo in the lush wine region of Piedmont. We would like to express our sincere thanks to our sympathetic guides Sonia, Ileana and Laura, for their professional tours and comments.
Congratulations !

Hilde & Herman (Belgium)

24th August 2019 reviews 5 stars

We, a family of five with 3 children in the age of 9, 11 and 13, booked a biketour with Sonia from  and did we got lucky!
We really enjoyed our time in Turin. Sonia showed us this beautifull city like we were old friends. She is especially good with the children. She made the tour so much fun for them also! Sonia listens to our wishes and made the tour custom made where possible. We are happy to have found Sonia and will surely recomend her to anyone who wants to expierience Turin up, close and personal.
So thank you Sonia and Carlo (our seconde, very friendly, guide who took care of the bikes) for the great day and lovely memories!
Lots of greetings from Holland

John, Diana, Ties, Luuk and Koen (Netherlands)

27th July 2018 reviews 5 stars

Buongiorno mia cara sorella Sonia di Torino,
Carla was amazing & a pleasure to be with & Max (the driver) was so nice too.
We had a wonderful day with them & learned so much about your beautiful city
Thank you so much, again, for organizing such a memorable day for me & my family

Amrou D. (London)

24th May 2018 reviews 5 stars

Hi Sonia
I wanted to thank you for the ‘foodie’ tour you gave us last week – it was just perfect for what we wanted. Being able to visit places where we could find out how the food is produced, and the history and background of the people and places was fascinating.
We had a brilliant few days in Turin and the tour was one of the highlights as was the reservation you made for us at a restaurant so that we could try the Bagna Caoda – that is now going to be one of my all-time favourite foods!
We had decided to return to Turin as we had previously only stopped over for a morning visit last year and we realised then what a beautiful place it is and made plans almost immediately to return for a longer stay and we are so glad we did!
We have both said that we will probably return for another stay in the future!
Best regards

Muff & Carol P. (Kent, England)

4th and 5th  May 2018 reviews 5 stars

Hi Sonia:
Our group photos bring back happy memories of Turin and the many interesting highlights you kindly showed us.
We’re safely back home, but so enjoyed Italy and it’s diverse history and traditions.
We all appreciated your excellent guidance.

The Canadian Group from Nova Scotia

8th June 2017 reviews 5 stars

Dear Sonia, buongiorno!
Thank you for the tour through Turin!  I will always have sweet memories of this beautiful city.

Denise (USA)

4th and 5th June 2017 reviews 5 stars

Hi Sonia,
I had a great time with ALESSANDRA. As I am very interested in history and arts, Alessandra patiently explained the history of Savoia and Risorgimento to me. Since to me the modern history of Italy is a bit confusing to start with, she at times had to repeat part of what she has already mentioned so that I can follow. She is very patient, passionate and it enhanced my absorption of the contents of the tour. She also planned ahead of our travel route and get the tram tickets and everything so that I do not have to wait or delay our travel. All in all, I would definitely recommend Alessandra if one would like a wonderful tour around Torino. The booking with Sonia is also easy and the email reply is totally efficient.


15th and 17th October 2016 reviews 5 stars

Dear Sonia,
Thank you very much for putting me in touch with  MONICA.  It goes without saying that she is exceptionally well informed and it was a great pleasure to work with her.
Best wishes

Susie (UK)

22nd September 2016 reviews 5 stars

Dear Sonia,
We very much enjoyed our TOUR of ASTI with CRISTINA. It was the perfect combination of historical and current-day information, and Cristina was very knowledgable and enthusiastic about art, architecture, history and culture. We are happy to recommend her and your services to all travelers.

Mady Land & Allen Reid (USA)

3rd July 2016 reviews 5 stars

Ciao Sonia!
After finally getting back to the US I wanted to make sure you got a couple of photos.
The kids and I really enjoyed the tour. Torino was incredible and was our favorite city in Italy that we all went to. I wish you all the best and hopefully one day we can see you sing!!

Erik Pohls (USA)

16th April 2016 reviews 5 stars

Your tour in the wine area was really delightfull. It is sad to be back in the office.
Thank you very much,

Igor ( U.S.A.)

13th March 2016 reviews 5 stars

The tour was excellent and LUISA was the perfect guide. I am planning to be in Torino in early to mid-November and I will certainly reach out to when I have exact dates.
Thanks again for a great experience!

John ( U.S.A.)

14th October 2015 reviews 5 stars

Brilliant job!
Thank you, Sonia, for showing me your beautiful Torino …


19th November 2014 reviews 5 stars

thank you for the lovely and informative tour of Torino. You were a font of knowledge and a pleasure to spend the day with. The ability to have a person guide take us through the Royal Library, Movie Museum and Egyptian Museum made our experience more rewarding and pleasurable. The Leonardo sketches were a surprise and delight.
Thank you for helping us navigate the city and for sharing your insight. You were a delightful and charming guide.

Cynthia and Bill (Washington D.C.)

7th October 2014 reviews 5 stars

Thank you from a very satisfied customer !
Sonia: Rosi and I are back in Parma and about to return to the US. We wanted to send you a note to tell you how much we enjoyed your wonderful tour of Torino and how much it added to the remaining 3 days of our stay. In the span of three hours you perfectly captured and presented to us the history, perspective, and culture of this most important Italian City. We not only saw and appreciated the gems of Torino, but you showed us such wonderful local spots as well and this helped us enjoy the city as a thriving and lively place to visit. Needless to say, we will be back to Torino again since we only scratched the surface of your beautiful city and we look forward to seeing what you have in store for us the next time.

Patrick and Rosalinda Raher (U.S.A)

15th April 2014 reviews 5 stars

With grace and charm, Sonia showed us the amazing city of Torino. We were absolutely delighted with the highlights she provided us during our walking tour. Even though, we walked all over the city, it did not feel like it.
Her language skills are exemplary.
From all the cities, Torino is my favorite and Sonia added the local flavor I was aiming in faith tourism, local food and recommendations for only in Torino sites.

Mary (Denver, Colorado)

12th December 2012 reviews 5 stars

Hi Sonia,
We would like to thank you for showing us the various sides of Torino. It is a great city and your explanation certainly brought it to life for us and made our visit there one of the highlights of our trip so far. We really enjoyed the experience.

Robyn and James (Australia)

19th May 2010 reviews 5 stars

Dear Sonia,
Thank you for some wonderful days with you in Turin in May. We really fell in love with your city and are looking forward to come back.
Good luck!

Tone Eike (Norway)

20th June 2006 reviews 5 stars

Dear Sonia,
having being on a tour in Torino with you was a great experience and pleasure. Your kind approach, your great knowledge, your permanent smile on pleasant face, had made the tour worth while for me. You did try to give all of us interesting time, you enrich our knowledge in general And I am looking forward to come again.
Thank you!

Edna Lerman (Israel)

18th January 2005 reviews 5 stars

Having been fortunate enough to receive a personal tour of Turin from Ms Bruna, I would heartily recommend her to any visiting groups.

Karl (Ireland)