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After having explored the historic city center of Turin, why not venture further afield to the hidden treasures of Piedmont:  either a day trip or a few days away.

Also “Hot off the Press” Lonely Planet travel experts have listed Piedmont “First Place” of the Top 10 Regions for 2019 to visit!   With good reason, since this region boasts a precious historic, artistic and cultural heritage, besides a well reputed and refined gastronomy.

Tour guide Turin - Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum … pharaonic !

Founded in 1824 by King Charles Felix of Savoy, enlarged with archaeological findings from Ernesto Schiapparelli’s excavations is the oldest Egyptian Museum in the world.

Today, with more than 30.000 Egyptian artifacts, it is second only to the museum in Cairo, among them there are the intact funerary equipment of the Tomb of the Architect Kha, the Royal canon, the marvelous statue of the Pharaoh Ramesses II and the precious Ellesija rocky temple of the New Kingdom.

National Museum of Cinema . . .
Entertainment in its purest form !

This multi-floored museum is located inside the iconic building of Turin, the Mole Antonelliana (167, 50 mt.).

The museum leads the visitor to a wonderful trip into the Seventh Art world, from the earliest magic lanterns and other optical toys to the present day.

A panoramic elevator allows the visitors to reach the terrace and admire the 360° panorama of the city.


The Residences of the House of Savoy . . .  Fabulous !

All the former residences of the Royal House of Italy are UNESCO World Heritage sites since 1997.

You can choose to visit one or more among the following residences in Turin or in the surroundings: Royal Palace – Castle of Venaria Reale – Palazzo Madama – Hunting lodge of Stupinigi – Villa of the Queen.

Tour guide Turin - Venaria Reale

National Museum of the Automobile … a world class Museum !

This spectacular Museum reopened in 2011 after extensive renovations. Visitors do not need to be car buffs to be enthralled.

By tracing the automobile’s progression from the earliest fin-de-siècle vehicles to futuristic concept cars, the museum is fascinating for everyone.

Its precious collection offers Italian and foreign rarities in a fascinating setting. Visitors are allowed to take pictures of the precious cars. This museum is suitable to all age groups and not just for men !

Tour guide Turin - car museum
Abbey Sacra San Michele

The Susa Valley

The tour allows the visitor to pass through the ancient Via Francigena, the major pilgrimage route to Rome and then to Jerusalem.

Along the Susa Valley a lot of medieval churches, strongholds and castles were constructed, like the Church of S. Antonio di Ranverso, embellished by a precious 15th C. fresco cycle.

The Sacra of San Michele, a spectacular romanesque-gothic abbey, built on the top of Mount Pirchiriano, from which the visitor can enjoy a breath-taking view. Nearby, the old medieval village of Avigliana, born on the edge of the two Avigliana morainic Lakes.

WI.MU (the Wine Museum)

The exhibition of the new Wine Museum, signed by François Confino, one of the most appreciated specialists in the world in museum mounting. The seat is the ancient castle of the Falletti di Barolo family, where Silvio Pellico, the Italian writer, poet, dramatist and patriot worked as a librarian for Juliette Colbert, the last marquise of Falletti.
The small village of Barolo and its panoramic view is the center of wine production from which the incomparable Barolo, the Ferrari of reds, come from.

A day out Asti

The basilica of Superga … Torino is at your feet !

Designed by the baroque architect Filippo Juvarra, splendidly situated on the wooded hill, with views overlooking the city of Turin, and the Alps beyond.

In 1706 Duke Amedeo climbed to the top of this hill to survey the positions of the French forces and vowed to build a church dedicated to the Virgin if She would help him in the coming battle. Many members of the House of Savoy are buried in the ornate crypt.

The river banks of the Po river
and the green oasis of the Parco Valentino 

Sightseeing tour by coach or car along the river Po, where you can admire the beautiful Parco del Valentino with a romantic 17thC Castle and the attractive Medieval Village dating back to 1884.
Other sights are the huge and elegant Piazza Vittorio Veneto and the Mole Antonelliana, the iconic building of Torino.

“Industrial archaeology” and . . . 
the pleasure of your taste buds !

The Lingotto, ex Fiat Plant, has been recently transformed into an advanced multipurpose center by the great Architect Renzo Piano. It serves as convention and exhibition center and houses a big concert hall, two deluxe Hotels and the Agnelli’s Art Gallery, a little jewel among the local museums, located on top of the track where once the cars produced inside the factory were tested.
Close to the Lingotto Centre, just inside the ex Carpano Vermouth Factory, you can experience Eataly, an enogastronomic center where you can taste and buy Italian high quality wine and food. An excellent mix of culture and enjoyment.


Luci d’artista …a great outdoor project

Every year, winter approaching, Turin becomes a refined “open air” art gallery.

Not with traditional Christmas lights but evocative “works of light” created by famous Italian and international contemporary artists. The city thus becomes a great outdoor project, transforming its streets and its squares into a wonderful light-installation exhibition.