7th April 2022

Elisa Sonia Bruna - Last minute Service - Guided Tours Turin

Elisa Sonia

It was 1 p.m., and a WhatsApp message in English arrived reading:

“Hi, this is very very short notice but would you (or a colleague) be free for a guided tour of Turin today please? Regards Richard”

Within a couple of hours, we managed to arrange a tour starting at 3 p.m. Indeed, this is what you would call a last minute service! I know we don’t save lives like doctors and nurses, but nevertheless we are delighted to satisfy wishes of visitors wanting to discover our beautiful city.

Teatro Regio - Opera House Turin - Last minute servise - Guides Turin

Teatro Regio – Opera House

When I started to work as a tour guide in the late 90s, some customers used to send a fax reservation one year in advance!  Our way of working has radically changed since then, but at the same time, the pleasure of sharing memorable moments with people visiting Turin for the first time, is as rewarding as ever.

Of course it is easier for us to plan a tour emailing details to the customer a couple of weeks in advance.  But our experience and professionalism also means we will do everything possible if we get a short notice request, as with Richard and his wife.  Definitely our “last minute service” is a plus to our organisation.

Finally, satisfied clients are the best “business card” we could hope for. If you like, please browse our guestbook on line.