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Every time, we are amazed to see visitors’ pleasantly surprised faces at unexpected discoveries. It is a great honor to share enjoyable moments with our customers and leave a trace in the memory of hundreds of persons coming from all over the world, because their trips will be among the most beautiful memories to cherish!

We are aware of being privileged because we are doing the job we love.

“Crowned” guides for regal visitors !




I wish to express my deepest gratitude to

  • all those who have decided to entrust us with the organization of their trip in Piedmont;
  • those who have contacted us via the Internet and, without knowing us, trusted our experience;
  • all those who have sent us messages of appreciation and pictures (we have published some of them on our guestbook) after their visit;
  • those customers, luckily many, who, being enthusiastic about their first discovery of an elegant lesser known city such as Turin, have come back to share their findings with friends and colleagues;
  • all those who have recommended their acquaintances to contact Turinguide.eu for their visit to Piedmont (it is exciting when somebody from Los Angeles writes to us after having received our contact from a friend in Boston!)
  • all the tour operators and the companies who have chosen Turinguide.eu as a partner for guided tours and support services in order to guarantee the success of their events
  • those who have encouraged and supported us at our beginnings
  • all our native-speaker friends of different languages who have helped us optimize our translations over the years;
  • my efficient webmaster and the designers who have visually represented “who we are” with their creativity;
  • all the professional networks such as  www.guiderome.com which have amiably allowed us to increase our visibility and positioning on the web;
  • the city of Turin for the wonderful opportunities it has provided me;
  • teachers, experts in different fields, friends, colleagues, my parents, my family, my partner, and all those who have been inspirational in allowing me to become who I am.

And finally, special thanks go to all the passionate fellow guides belonging to Turinguide.eu, who carry out our mission in their work on a daily basis.

And thanks also to all of you who are reading us!

Sonia Bruna

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